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Right Window Left Window      Well, we tried. We shall get back to our Owls and Mr. Hedgehog, but first, have you ever seen a cuter snail, smiling and winking at you as you enter the shop? Look closely at the left-hand edge of the photo (of our right-hand window) at the left: This is Pokey the Playmat. As Boo Davis says in her 2010 Potter Craft book entitled Dare To Be Square, "Pokey is a laid-back snail ... carrying everything he needs in a deluxe log cabin design on his back". The pattern is on pages 138-143 in the book, and we have kits that include the book. A wonderful owl called Hootenanny is in the same book, pp. 84-89. His cousin, looks a lot like Hootenanny, and is on display next to Pokey in our window. After you finish Pokey, you can move right over and start Hootenanny. At the far end of the window is Wilmington Fabric's Jungle Jubilee Flannel panel featuring a giraffe, elephant , monkey and bird. To see how this panel may be made up into a crib quilt, be sure to look on our east wall, half-way down from the checkout counter; we have kits for this cuddly quilt, too.
    On your left hand as you enter the shop, is Hazel Hedgehog. We sold the last of our kits, but patterns are on order. And if you would like to share your "Hazel experience" with others, we have a class on 25 July. Our second "WHO", Grow Up Wise Owl, is next to Hazel. We have kits for this design by Lorrie Franz for Bean Counter Quilts. The panel to the left of Wise Owl designed by Christine Sharp and Rachael Wright for RJR Fabrics is called Woodland Park, and has all sorts of animals, including a racoon. Fox Playground, another quilt for which we have kits, is on the wall at the end of our left-hand window; the Aardvark Quilts pattern entitled A Baby Nine Patch Strips Quilt is, of course, included in the kit. The goldfish blowing bubbles on the wall above Fox Playground is (aptly) called Bubbles; the pattern, designed by Dana Bolyard, is on pages 38-41 of Modern Baby, That Patchwork Place, 2013. By now, you have figured it out: Animals! That is our theme this time,


Saturday, 01 August, 1:00-3:00. Class: Introduction to Machine Piecing
Tuesday, 04 August. SENIOR DAY
Tuesday, 04 August. New Additions to the Half-Price Shelves
Wednesday, 05 August, 1:00-3:00. Class: Introduction to Machine Piecing
Friday, 07 August, 5:30-8:30. First Friday Sew-In
Saturday, 08 August, 9:30-11:30. Class: Let's Appliqué - Autumn House
Saturday, 08 August.  We Close at 3:00.
Saturday, 08 August, 4:00-8:00. CELEBRATION OF SHIRLEY'S LIFE. At the Hyatt Tamaya Resort and Spa
Sunday, 09 August, 1:30-3:00. Duke City Appliqué Society