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     Each year, The Quilt Works, Inc., offers a Block of the Month program. On the first day of each month, you can pick up a free pattern for that month's block, and, if you wish, purchase a kit with the fabrics for that month's block. At the end of the year, we publish instructions for a suggested setting of the blocks, and sell a kit with the fabrics required for that setting.
Immediately below is the information for the 2014 Block of the Month. Following that, we have included pictures and short descriptions of many of the Block of the Month quilts from prior years. We are embarrassed to report that our files for the early days of our program are incomplete; if you have additional information, especially pictures, to add to our page, please send us an e-mail or stop by the shop.

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2014 BOM: Secrets & Shadows, 90" × 90" {before quilting}. Pieced by the Quilt Works staff. Quilted by Kathryn Fuller, Catamount Quilting.

2014 BOM    Secrets & Shadows is a 12 month Block of the Month program designed by Denice Lipscomb of Common Threads Quilting, and features fabrics from Windham Fabrics' Secrets & Shadows collection by Nancy Gere™. Each month honors a courageous woman spy from World War I or World War II; so you get a bit of a history lesson as you work through each month's assignment -- in some cases, 8 blocks.
   Unlike our previous Block of the Month programs, the 2014 Program is by subscription only. The enrollment is limited to 40 people. The kits cost $25 each month; subscribers pay for the 12th month's kit - effectively, a $25 non refundable subscription fee - at the beginning of the program.
   Most of the blocks are quite straightforward. However, there are a couple for which tips and "show and tells" may be useful; therefore, we plan to offer some free sessions much like those in the Saturday Sampler program.
   For those who have delighted in picking up free patterns each month, we have redrafted classic patterns from our archives, and shall offer one of these each month, free, of course.

2014-2015 BOM: Blocks From Our Archives, 12" × 12". Pieced by Shirley and Dana

By comparison with the "dark ages" when we first introduced these blocks from our Archives, we now have greatly advanced tools for creating patterns. So we have completely redrafted each of the patterns, and in some cases, introduced more "modern" ways for making the blocks. The pattern for Dresden Plate includes a template for cutting the fabric pieces (which are trapezoidal), and gives you detailed instructions for folding, sewing, and trimming each piece. The pieces for Starry Path are all cut with templates, too; and, of course, they are included in the pattern. By comparison, Star & Squares, which was originally made with templates, is now made using "Sew-then-Cut" methods --- no templates. The pieces for Susannah are cut with an "ordinary" ruler, no templates here, either; there is a challenge, however: 8 "Y" seams. Good practice! Our February block, the Mexican Star, is a true 8-point star. Although you could add the burnt-orange square and blue-green "X" using applique methods, we chose to make this block by piecing together patches cut with templates. Since we have some nifty tips for making and using these templates, feel free to drop by and "pick our brains" -- free. When the 45-degree points are properly trimmed, the pieces go together with beautiful precision.
Dresden Plate Starry Path Starry Path Susannah Mexican Star
   October 2014            November                   December                    January 2015             February 2015
   Dresden Plate           Starry Path                  Star & Squares            Susannah                   Mexican Star

2013 BOM: Sun Bonnet Sue and Friends, 60" × 75"

2013 BOM Setting In the 35 years since Mary Lou Stark opened The Quilt Works (in 1978), Sun Bonnet Sue has been our constant companion. In her honor, then, we present a year-long program in which you may share Sue with us. Some of the Sues are contemporary, some are traditional; some are new, some are old; some are our own creations, some are taken from sources we shall identify. The blocks are 12" × 12" (12½" × 12½" with seam allowance). Coyote Sue, with turquoise-scarfed coyote on her pull-toy and petroglyph motifs both on her dress and on her pinafore, clearly is at home in New Mexico. With our Pueblo Sue block, we also celebrate the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (5 - 12 October). In spite of the pumpkins in the foreground, I am sure that Thanksgiving Sue is carrying a mincemeat pie. Andy has just placed the star on the tree in our December block; you may wish to add some thread work or small decorations. Sue is holding a real quilt in the January block; to see that it is real, just lift up the front edge. (Of course, you must sew this cute little quilt as your first step in making the block.) Sue's Love, is, of course, our February block. Andy is hurrying to deliver a valentine to her, the valentine, like the quilt in our January block, is 3-D; Andy is grasping it with his hand, and you can look at the back side. We were so happy with the lace around the edge of the heart in our February block that we sewed a beautiful lace ruffle to the bottom of Sue's dress in our March block; you can make out her shoe behind the lace. In May, Sue is watering her flowers; the folded fabric flowers are tacked in the centers - three dimensional - but you may wish to top stitch around the edges if you are making a bed quilt or a throw. And when you quilt your project, you may wish to add some quilting lines for the water sprinkling the flowers. In July, Sue is enjoying the beautiful summer day, and in August it is time to pick apples. The image at the left was generated with EQ6; photos of the real blocks are pasted into the EQ drawing. As of this writing (23 Aug 14) the borders have not yet been chosen; when the quilt is finished we shall replace the drawing with a photo.
Coyote Sue Pueblo Sue Thanksgiving Sue Christmas with Sue & Andy Sue's New Quilt Sue's Love
   September 2013       October                       November                    December                  January 2014                February
   COYOTE SUE           PUEBLO SUE           THANKSGIVING         CHRISTMAS              SUE'S NEW QUILT     SUE'S LOVE
                                       GOES TO THE           SUE                              WITH SUE & ANDY
                                       BALLOON FIESTA
Sue's Kite Sue's Bunny Sue's Flowers Sue's Flowers Sue's Flowers Sue's Flowers
   March                        April                             May                            June                            July                                August

2012 BOM: Hello Dolly

    After many years of making "big" quilts, we thought it would be fun to spend a bit of time exploring the world of Miniature and Small quilts -- small wall hangings, or perhaps quilts for your doll. With this in mind, Grace Sanders (Many thanks, Grace!) spearheaded a program that might better be called "Quilt of the Month." As of this writing, patterns for all, and kits for some, are still available. (12 Apr 14)

Whirlwind Whirlwind II Posies Mini Bunnies Mini Halloween
   Whirlwind                   Whirlwind II                  Posies                   Bunny Hop                  Trick or Treat
   29" × 29"                    29" × 29"                    16½" × 20½"         14" × 14"                     14" × 14"

Christmas Tree Gobble, Gobble! Houses Leftovers Gathering Hearts Sunrise
   Christmas Tree    Gobble Gobble!           Houses                 Leftovers              Gathering Hearts Sunrise
   19¼" × 23"           16½" × 16½"                15" × 18¼"          16¾" × 20¾"        18½" × 24½"        15" × 25"

Eat Your Veggies Puff Outside My Window
    Eat Your Veggies                                                                            Puff                               Outside My Window
    25½" × 7⅝"                                                                                      19½" × 19½"               23" × 23"

Churn Dash birds
     Churn Dash               Birds
     14" × 17½"                13½" × 18½"

2011 BOM: Enchanted Forest, 75" × 79"

2011 BOM We had entirely too much fun with our 2011 Block of the Month. Where else would you find a tree that is obviously being blown by the Albuquerque "zephyrs," a cell-phone tree, partridges in a pine tree, a grove of trees featuring prairie points, a truly beautiful aspen tree, and really cute bunnies? Once again, we owe a special debt of thanks to Grace Sanders and Phoebe McCafferty, who led the effort.

2010 BOM: Baskets for the New Decade, 51" x 66"

2010 BOM Our 2010 Block of the Month featured fabrics by Kaffe Fassett, Ro Gregg, Phillip Jacobs, Brandon Mably, and other designers. While we all contributed to this unique Quilt Works design, we owe a special debt of thanks to Grace Sanders and Phoebe McCafferty, who led the effort.

2009 BOM:Oriental, 66" x 80"

2009 BOMThe 2009 Block of the Month features oriental fabrics. In the quilt top, we sashed twelve 12" blocks, several of which have oriental motifs. Three of these blocks are repeated in a 9" size in the border; a thirteenth 9" block is also found in the border.

2008 BOM Stars 75" x 93"

2008 BOM Each month we made a different star. Most are relatively uncommon, and some are original designs created in our shop.

2007 BOM Harvest Home 98" x 98"

2007 BOM Harvest Home was designed by Nancy Murty for the Honey Bee Club block of the month program, and featured fabrics from the Harvest Home collection by Andover Fabrics.

2006 BOM Harvest Spice 95" x 95"

2006 BOM Harvest Spice was designed by Nancy Murty for the Honey Bee Club block of the month program, and featured fabrics from the Harvest Spice collection by Andover Fabrics.

2005 BOM Christmas 82" x 106"

2005 BOM In this sampler, we used primarily the Christmas colors - red, white and green.

2004 BOM Mystery Southwest Row Quilt 60" x 72"

2004 BOM We had great fun with this quilt. Look at all the symbols! I-25, I-40 and Rt 66 road signs, the dinosaur, a windmill, a yucca, a rabbit, a pueblo dwelling scene, a stylized Zia symbol, the ojo, a hot air balloon scene, rows of blocks representing mountains, trees, cacti, desert flowers, Navajo rugs ... Motifs which, especially when taken together, are very much representative of New Mexico.

2003 BOM Floral Fantasy 68" x 80" (with a 1" border)

2003 BOM We started with 19 common blocks (Pinwheel, Churn Dash, Bow Tie, etc.), made them with a selection of wonderful floral fabrics, and then put them together in this unique setting.

2002 BOM String Pieced Fantasy 67" x 88"

2002 BOM Twelve string-pieced blocks are pieced into a unique black-white-bright colors bargello background. The black background makes the bright colors even more vivid. And the individual blocks are integrated into the greater design of the bargello. 20 fabrics were used in the bargello background, ten black and white fabrics, and ten brightly colored fabrics.

2001 BOM Desert Star 79" x 79"

2001 BOM The stars in this quilt were pieced on foundation papers.

2000 BOM Enchanted Sampler 68" x 68"

2000 BOM The twelve blocks in this quilt were originally drafted for the sampler we made for our 1993 Quilt Fiesta. This is an entirely new setting.

1999 BOM Juan Tabo Sampler 66" x 84"

1999 BOM The name? Well, Juan Tabo is the cross-street at which we are located.

1998 BOM Balloons Over New Mexico 52" x 38"

1998 BOM Here, we combined one of the most recognized New Mexico features - the hot-air balloon - with many of the other motifs we have come to recognize as very New Mexican. On the sandy backdrop we have a territorial house, a pueblo with a horno, a jack rabbit, a roadrunner, cacti, and so on. We did take some liberties with the balloons; the Quilt Works Sun Bonnet Sue hot-air balloon is clearly just a creation of our imagination.

1996 BOM Christmas Log Cabin 78" x 88"

1996 BOM This quilt features twelve 12" blocks, set on point. Each is surrounded by four sections of traditional Log Cabin blocks sewn in Christmas colors - red, white and green. Note: We have updated instructions for setting this quilt together (24 Jan 09).

1995 BOM Rio Grande Vistas 81" x 99"

1995 BOM The quilt top measures 56" x 74" (prior to adding the borders). The pattern was redrafted in 1998 with a different (flying geese) border; that quilt measured 66" x 84. A variation of the Chili Ristra block is still available.

1994 BOM

1994 BOM

1993 BOM New Mexico Sampler 92" x 112"

1993 BOM The pattern for this quilt was republished in 1998.

1992 BOM The First Thirteen 90½" × 97½"

1992 BOM Margaret Prina designed our 1992 Block of the Month as her celebration of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the New World. Each of her hand drawn patterns includes little bits of information about the 13 colonies/states represented in her quilt. In 2013, we redrafted the setting instructions (EQ7) and added the name. This is now available to you, along with Margaret's original art work for the 13 state blocks.

1988 BOM xx" × xx"

1988 BOM Shirley designed this New Mexico sampler. It served both as the quilt for our 1988 BOM program, and as the signature quilt for our 1989 Albuquerque Quilt Fiesta.

1986 BOM

1986 BOM