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We describe here some of the kits we have at the Shop. You can pick them up at the Shop, or order them by phone, (505) 298-8210. We include the fabric for the binding in all of our kits; in most cases, the batting and fabric for the back must be purchased separately. Except as noted, the pattern is included in the kit. To see a full screen image of a quilt, click on the thumbnail of the quilt. [updated: 02 April 2014]
To The Rescue Fox Playground


36" × 50" & 36" × 52" $55.00
These two quilts were made using the Aardvark Quilts pattern entitled "A Baby Nine Patch Stripes Quilt." As suggested by the name of the pattern, each of these quilts has nine-patch blocks set among strips. In some cases, the strips are 4½" wide, to show a scene such as the foxes' playground, for example; in other cases, we used 3-strip strip-sets. If you look closely, you will find firemen-dogs climbing long ladders in some of the strips in To The Rescue.
Pieced and Quilted by Eve Hannsen-Wood & Grace Sanders, respectively


45" × 57" $60.00
Ponies is one of 20 projects by Jenny Doan and Missouri Star Quilt Company published in the Winter 2013 issue of Fons & Porter's Quilting Quickly; the magazine is, of course, included in your kit. You can find the pattern, entitled "Christmas Traditions," on pages 52-56.
Pieced by: Grace Sanders

Mod Squares


43" × 52" $55.00
Mod Squares is the quilt pictured on the cover of Brenda Henning's book, Oh Baby! Modern Quilts for Children of All Ages, published by Bear Paw Productions, 2013, pp 8-10. Laura notes that "crayon colors on pure white make a dramatic modern baby quilt or art quilt." We anxiously look forward to the day when Laura starts to quilt her project; we suspect that she will have a lot of fun quilting in the negative space.
Pieced by: Laura Echeverria

Margarita Time Place Mats


36" × 47" $55.00
Two collections are featured in this quilt. The dinosaur motifs and back are from the Dino Roar collection designed by Cheri Strole for Northcott Fabrics. The accents and background are from the Have You Seen My Dinosauri collection designed by Jennifer Pugh for Wilmington Prints. The design of the quilt is based on the pattern titled Prism, published in the March/April issue of McCall's Quilting, pp. 68-69. This kit includes all of the fabrics needed for the quilt; only the batting must be purchased separately.
Designed & Pieced by: Lois Warwick
Quilted by: Linda Nort

Margarita Time Place Mats


56" × 64" $76.00
For her setting of this Robert Kaufman Oriental Traditions panel, Grace chose Vortex in Brenda Henning's Strip Therapy 10, Bali Pop™ Epidemic, pp. 21-23. The book is included in the kit. The panel is also available for purchase separately ($7.50).
Pieced & Quilted by: Grace Sanders

Gather the Eggs


45" × 55" $72.50
Have you ever made a quilt with gently scalloped borders? Grace selected fabrics from the Fresh Eggs collection by Clothworks to make this quilt. The Shabby Fabrics pattern is entitled "Daddy's Girl."
Pieced & Quilted by: Grace Sanders

Snow Buddies


22" × 28" $32.50
Jocelyn Ueng's pattern for Snow Buddies may be found in the Winter 2013 issue of Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts, pp. 66-70. Our kit for this nifty snowman quilt includes the Fons & Porter magazine, the fabric for the binding, and, unlike many of our kits, also the fabric for the back; the only additional material you need is the batting.
Pieced & Quilted by: Grace Sanders

Love & Glory


22" × 40" $22.50 (for the 3-panel packet)
Although faux-chenille projects make wonderful rugs, you may want to hang Love & Glory in a place of honor on your wall. Six layers are required: three panels, carefully overlaid, a backing fabric, the batting, and the back. Our packet for Love & Glory has the three panels created by Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics. You will need to purchase separately the fabrics for the other three layers and for the binding. The pattern, which can be purchased separately for $2.00, is included in the packet.
Made by: Dana Brabson


Our 2012-2013 Block of the Month program featured small quilts, perhaps perfect for a doll's bed or a wall hanging. We still have some kits left, and they are listed here. Unlike most of the other kits on this page, these Hello Dolly kits are complete; they include batting and fabrics for the back and for the binding. For more information about our Block of the Month program and about this set of quilts, click on the BLOCK OF THE MONTH box at the top of this page.
Bunny Hop Christmas Tree Puff Quilt Outside My Window Churndash
  BUNNY HOP                   CHRISTMAS TREE    PUFF                         OUTSIDE MY WINDOW   CHURN DASH
  14" × 14"                          19¼" × 23"                    19½" × 19½"             23" × 23"                             14" × 18½"
  $18.50 $9.25                    $32.50 $16.25               $25.50 $12.75          $30.00 $15.00                     $25.00 $12.50



64" × 80" $85.00
This cozy quilt features flannels from the Windflower Flannel collection by Daphne B. for Wilmington Prints. Be sure to ask us for our suggestions on strip-piecing some of the sections
Pieced by: Dana Brabson



50" × 68" $68.50
Jill Guffy and Marny Buck chose to call this Modern Quilt Relish pattern Flatbread, and added: "Valued rectangular shapes serve up a distinctive crunch. Add the condiment of your choice for depth of flavor." Lois chose gorgeous purple flowers from the Belle collection designed by Mary Fisher™ for Clothworks™. The pattern, in the kit, includes instructions for a table runner and for a queen quilt, in addition to those for this throw.  PS. I think we really need a different name for Lois' quilt! Please send us your suggestions.
Pieced by: Lois Warwick

Twister Jack


24" × 24" $60.00
On her Need'l Love pattern, Becky Cogan notes that Twister Jack is a Jack-o'-Lantern with a pinwheel twist. In addition to 21 eight-yard cuts of wonderful Halloween colors for the jack-o'-lantern, your kit includes fabrics for the background and border, AND a second pattern. This second pattern, Primitive Pinwheels from Primitive Gatherings, tell you how to make the pinwheels and includes the pinwheel tool (ruler) that you need.
Pieced and quilted by: Kathi Dineen

Building Blocks


67" × 79" $80.00
Building Blocks, designed by Heidi Pridemore, features fabrics from STUDIOe Fabrics' Modern Age collection. We have downloaded the pattern from the STUDIOe website and included it in the kit for you.
Pieced by: Phyllis Henry

Bird Song


39" × 56" $47.50
Bird Song features fabrics from the Bird Song collection, designed by Graphic 45 for Wilmington Prints. The 24" x wof panel provides wonderful opportunities for quilting; of course, you must piece the Japanese lanterns in the borders. In addition to the instructions for this wall hanging, the Wilmington Prints pattern (in the kit) also gives details for making a Queen Quilt using fabrics from the same collection. (Of course, you would have to purchase these fabrics separately.) And finally, we note that the panel is available for purchase separately ($7.50) should you wish to create your own setting.
Pieced & Quilted by: Patti Bach
Manor House Star


76" × 76" $125.00
Manor House Star designed by Diane Nagle, Peddlecar Quilts, features fabrics from the RJR Claridge Manor collection. Good news for those terrified by thoughts of curved piecing: The curved design elements in this quilt are applied using your favorite appliqué technique.
Pieced by: Lois Warwick, for The Quilt Works, Inc.

Hot Sauce (Triangle) Potholder


8½" × 8½" $13.00
Check out the jalapenos in the center of our distinctly Southwest potholder. Do you recall how you pressed the folded edge back on itself to create curved edges in the Cathedral Window block? We use the same technique here. Your kit has everything you need, including the Insul-Bright® (to provide superb thermal protection), for two (2) complete potholders.
Pieced and Quilted by: Dana Brabson, The Quilt Works, Inc.

Chevron Lollies


46" × 54" $54.00
Designed by Jina Barney for Riley Blake Designs, and using Riley Blake fabrics from the Basic Chevron Collection, Chevron Lollies gives you a "taste" of quilting with the new fabrics featuring chevron motifs. The brightly colored flowers (or are they lollipops?) and green tone-on-tone chevron stems and leaves are appliqued using your favorite technique.
Pieced by: Kathi Dineen, The Quilt Works, Inc.



45" x 59" $85.00
Fuzzy Wuzzy is the greatest lap quilt for cool evenings. Made of flannels, it has definite "warm comfort appeal." We show the fuzzy fringed side in our picture; the other side is smooth, of course. Your kit has twenty (20) different flannels, cut in 11" × wof strips and the batting; this makes the quilt in our picture - 7 blocks wide by 7 blocks long. This project is easy to make, and also gives you a chance, if you wish, to try free motion quilting, block by block; each block is quilted before it is assembled into the completed quilt. And there are no borders to fuss with. (Of course, we can show you a neat way to add borders if you want them.) We use current fabric collections in our kits. (We no longer have the collection from which the quilt in our picture was made.) Therefore, it is important to look at the kits that we currently have (or, if you are phoning in, to ask for a description of the fabrics). In addition, we have an excellent selection of flannels and may be able to cut a kit just for you, using colors and patterns you like. If you should desire a smaller or larger quilt, the table in our pattern shows you how many blocks you will need; all that you need to remember is that you get 5 blocks from each pair (2) of 11" × wof strips.