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BLOCK OF THE WEEK --- Farm Girl Sampler --- Starting 15 FEBRUARY 2016

Farm Girl Vintage    The bright and happy Moda Playtime collection will arrive in December. It is perfect for the Farm Girl Sampler quilt featured on the cover of Lori Holt's new book, Farm Girl Vintage. So we decided on a bold new venture: Block of the Week! Each week you pick up a kit ($2.50) for a six-inch pieced block. (There is no appliqué.) And after 45 weeks you have the 48 blocks for Farm Girl Sampler! (The 4 blocks used in the corners are all the same.)
    The first half of Lori's beautifully done book is devoted to the patterns for the 45 blocks, and instructions are provided for making 12" versions, in addition to the 6" blocks. The second half of the book has three more block patterns: Quilty Barn Block, Silo Barn Block, and Tractor Block. Then you will find 14 settings for these wonderful blocks, ranging from a potholder to a king-size quilt, and including Farm Girl Sampler, of course. Farm Girl Sampler is 62" x 76".
    As noted above, our program starts on Monday, 15 February 1016.  We are limiting the program to 45 people.  You can sign up today.
    The Farm Girl Vintage books are available now, and you can order yours today. If you order your book before 1 November, we shall give you a 15% discount on the list price.
[posted: 05 September 2015]

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Splash 'n' Dash Row     We, along with 15 other New Mexico shops, are participating in the Nationwide (plus Canada) Row-By-Row Experience. (About 1400 shops participated in 2014.) The theme this year is Row-by-Row H2O (Row-by-Row Water). Each shop has a unique pattern/kit for a row in your quilt, and you must walk into the shop to get it. The Row we created for the 2015 Experience is shown at the right. We named it "Splash 'n' Dash." The fabrics used to create the Row pictured here are those that we have packaged in the first 200 kits that we have for sale; as we make additional kits, there will be substitutions for some of the fabrics. You may wish to use this picture as a guide for placing your fabrics, or you may wish to allow your own creative instincts be your guide.
    Here is a brief overview of the program. The first person to walk into our shop with a completed (quilted, bound, and labeled) row quilt using patterns from at least 8 different shops will win a bundle of 25 fat quarters. And here are the dates:
    June 21 – September 8. Visit shops and collect the free patterns and/or purchase kits.
    June 21 – October 31. Bring in your completed quilt; if you are the first, you win the prize and we post a picture of your quilt on our Facebook page; even if you are not the first, we shall ask your permission to post a picture of your quilt.
    November 1. The program is over, but you will be able to purchase both the pattern and the kit from this date onward. Unfortunately, the rules do not permit us to sell patterns or kits during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta; however, we shall be happy to take orders.
Splash 'n' Dash Wall Hanging     Although our pattern is designed to make a Row in a row quilt, we have included instructions for making it into a nice standalone wall hanging. We did exactly this with our first Row. Dana made it using pieces from Shirley's and his stash, and then finished it into a wall hanging for display. It is pictured at the right. If you look closely at the quilting, you will observe the splash as the basket for the big balloon in the center touches the water.
License Plate     In addition to the pattern and kit, we also have a fabric license plate that uniquely identifies our row and shop. You might want to piece it into the back of your quilt, or perhaps create a quilt that features the license plates from all of the NM shops.
[posted: 24 June 2015]

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SEMI-ANNUAL SALE --- Wednesday through Saturday, 15 - 18 July 2015

All regularly priced merchandise is 20% off. And don’t forget our Friday (July 17) evening Garage Sale. We close at 5:00 and reopen at 6:00 with many specially marked items, and all the fabrics on our half-price shelves at $3.50/yard.
[posted: 22 May 15]

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Heart Doll Quilt Share your love and create a doll quilt using a “love and heart” theme. Anything goes; you can appliqué, piece, use fabrics with hearts, (even make a fuzzy wuzzy), … Let your creativity run wild for this small quilt. The finished size must be 8½ by 11 inches. We’ll start this activity on January 2 (First Friday Sew-In) and finish January 31. For each finished quilt you donate (1, 2, 3, or 4), you will receive a fat quarter of your choice. We plan to display these little quilts the latter part of February. {Please remember that each quilt must be finished to be entered into the challenge.} Directions for making these little quilts are available on our web site:

[posted: 24 Dec 14]

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[posted:  27 Aug 2015]

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DEMO DAYS 2015 -- Friday & Saturday, 6 & 7 November 2015

Grand Prize Imagine! 56 Demonstrations spread over two days, 10:00 to 4:00 each day! New and creative quilting designs and projects, novel notions, new techniques for classic patterns, lots of major prizes. Last year (2014) our top prize was a Brother SIMPLY BRILLIANT Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine, SB700T (shown at the right and donated by Ryan's Sewing and Vacuum). We shall have door prizes every hour, and, well..., excitement that won't quit. Click on this link to see this year's schedule:

[posted: 27 Aug 2015]

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Jane Talso Jane Talso    If you love hand appliqué, join this group; it meets  at The Quilt Works from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm on the second Sunday of each month. As the sponsoring organization for this group, we require that you join The Appliqué Society after two visits. Visit the following web site to learn more about this organization:
    The pictures at the right were taken at the December 2011 meeting (at which the members, once again shared some decadent deserts). Each of the blocks shown on the design wall was contributed by a member. Marge Martinez's name was drawn from the "hat" for the blocks in the left-hand picture; these blocks were created from Edyta Sitar's book, Hop To It. A very happy Christine Eckstine is pictured at the right with blocks in Edyta Sitar's Sweet 16 pattern.

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December First Friday Sew-In If you have a UFO ("unfinished object") that needs special attention, want some help to get over a "knotty" quilting problem, would like to take the opportunity to work on a charity quilt, or simply enjoy getting together with other quilters in a relaxed environment, join us at the First Friday Sew-In. There is no cost for the First Friday Sew-Ins, and you do not need a reservation; just come. Most months, we meet on the first Friday of the month, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

The picture shown here was taken at our December 2010 Sew-In. In the middle of the tables are several of the Kittie Pillows we  made for donation to the Robbie Jones Memorial Cat House at Animal Humane New Mexico. In addition to sewing Kitty pillows, Sheryl made big strides toward preparing her bargello quilt for sandwiching and quilting, Lois finished the binding on her quilt, and Rhonda finished about half of the quilting on her wall hanging for the Introduction to Machine Piecing class.

Our schedule for the next few months is shown below; among the charities for which we shall be making quilts is the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Mark these dates on your calendar. We shall send a reminder to all of the people on our e-mail address list about a week in advance.
    11 September 2015 (We are avoiding Labor Day weekend.) 
    7 October 2015

[posted: 27 Nov 2015]

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PIÑON QUILTERS SEW-IN, Thursday, 12 March 2015

This group is sponsoring a sew-in on March 12, 9:30 am - 3:00 pm, to sew on charity projects. You are welcome to join us; you’ll meet some great quilters. All of the fabrics have been prepared in advance; just bring your machine and share in the fun. For more information, contact Doris Bowen at: 299-6570.

[posted: 13 Dec 14]

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Ribbons and prizes are awarded in 43 different Classes, and the quilts are displayed in the Creative Arts Building throughout the duration of the Fair. Participants are divided into three age groups:
   Section 156 - Quilts made by juniors (17 years of age and under): Classes 35 & 36
   Section 158 - Quilts made by persons over 65: Classes 75 & 76 [See also Section 168, Class 225]
   Section 168 - All of the rest of us: Classes 187 - 225
The Quilt Works presents a Gift Certificate to the first place ribbon winner in each Class.

Complete information about the Rules, Classes, etc., is found in the Home Arts, Division 12, Sewing/Needlework section of the New Mexico State Fair Premium Book. To go directly to the Sewing/Needlework Division Premium Book, choose this link:
To "navigate" to the Premium Book: takes you to the same place
        Highlight NMSF COMPETITIONS and choose Home Arts from the drop-down menu
           On the Home Arts page, scroll down to Clothing and click on the "Sewing-Needle Work" link to display the *.pdf file.
               Home Arts. Division 12. Sewing/Needlework. Scroll down to the desired Section (usually Section 168)
The Special Rules for quilters are provided at the beginning of Section 168.

To enter a quilt in the competition, take it to the Creative Arts building at Expo NM between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on Friday or Saturday, September 5 or 6. If you cannot take your quilt to ExpoNM on these days, we can help. As in past years, Judy (from our shop) has volunteered to take quilts down and complete the entry paperwork. To take advantage of Judy's generous offer, bring your quilt(s) to the shop before the 5th; make sure that your name, address, and phone number are attached.

In most cases, all of the work on your quilt must be your own. However, Classes 212 - 217 are for Group quilts, and Classes 216 and 217 are for quilts quilted by a paid quilter.

[posted: 04 Sep 14]

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[posted: 27 Aug 2015]

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ALBUQUERQUE METRO QUILT SHOP STROLL --- Friday & Saturday, 14 & 15 August 2015

QW Shop Stroll Quilt QW Shop Stroll Quilt     Again this year, we are joined by three other quilt shops in the Albuquerque metro area: Quilts Olé, Busy Bee Quilts, and Southwest Decoratives. Our theme this year is "High on Albuquerque," and all of the shops have used hot air balloon motifs in their blocks and quits. For our block, shown at the left, we created a Sunbonnet Sue Special Shape. Sunbonnet Sue has, of course, graced our shop for 37 years.
    As in past years, Passports stamped at all four shops will be entered into the drawing for more than 50 prizes, including three sewing machines donated by area sewing machine shops, and 4 prize baskets (assembled by the four shops) valued at more than $250 apiece.
    Each shop designed its own unique block and created a free pattern for it.  The shops also designed settings for all four blocks. Our setting of the blocks  is shown on the right; we call it "Shapes 'n' Plates." The "shapes" are, of course, the balloons, and the "plates" are the fabric license plates associated with the four shops. If you look closely, you will discover that our quilt is a map (drawn to scale) of the Albuquerque area, and shows the location of each of the four shops. We used rick rack to represent the Rio Grand, and red Glitterspun ribbon to mark the paths of I-25 and I-40. We used darker patches for the more mountainous regions of our map. Southwest Decorative's block is on the left, Quilts Ole's block is on the top, and Busy Bee Quilts' block is in the upper right. You must, of course, visit all four shops to get patterns (or kits) for their blocks; the same is true of the Fabric License Plates.
    We recommend (and describe in our pattern) "sew first, cut second" methods for creating the pieced background for our quilt. But, of course, you can cut and sew half- and quarter-square triangles (and save some fabric in the process).

[posted: 15 Aug 15]

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    Two UNM Continuing Education Division Quilting classes are taught at the Quilt Works by Carol Bell: Quilting 101 and Quilting 102. Quilting 101 is designed for the absolute beginner, and leads naturally into Quilting 102.  Here are the meeting dates and times.
    Quilting 101 for the ABSOLUTE Beginner + a Whole Lot More: 8 meetings, Wednesday evenings, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, 16 September - 11 November.
    Quilting 102 for the NOVICE Quilter - Beyond the Stars Scrap Quilt: 7 meetings, Thursday evenings, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, 17 September - 5 November.
Here is the "yellow brick road" for more information about these classes and to register for them; go to:
        Highlight "Personal Enrichment,"  choose  "Personal Enrichment Classes" from the drop-down menu, and then click on "Crafts & Hobbies.".
            Crafts & Hobby Classes.
                Click on the "Crafts and Hobbies" box in the middle of the page
                A list with Class Names, Start Dates, and Costs drops down
                Scroll down to:
                    "Quilting 101 for the ABSOLUTE Beginner" and/or
                    "Quilting 102 for the NOVICE Quilter - Beyond the Stars Scrap Quilt"
                Click on the Class Name for information about the class
   Here are the links to the pages that Carol has prepared for her classes; they give additional information plus instructions about what you should bring to the first class meeting: Quilting 101 and Quilting 102. We have copies of these pages at the Shop, and you are welcome to pick them up there.
   To go directly to the Crafts & Hobbies page (avoiding part of the "yellow brick road"), click on the following link: UNM Quilting Classes.

[posted: 27 Aug 2015]

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Teen Quilt 01 (25 Aug 10, 14 Dec 10) The Quilt Works continues to be involved in a variety of charitable programs; we list the principle ones here, and invite you to participate. As you may have noted elsewhere on our web site, all of our First Friday Sew-Ins have devoted at least part of their efforts toward these projects.
• QUILTS FOR HOMELESS TEENS: The quilt in the picture on the right is one of more than two dozen lap quilts that we made for the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Title I Homeless Project for distribution to homeless APS students.
• QUILTS OF VALOR: These quilts are being given to active duty personnel wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.
• ONE MILLION PILLOWCASE CHALLENGE: We have joined the American Patchwork & Quilting One Million Pillowcase Challenge. If you’d like to reduce your stash and make an impact in our community, this is a great project. Make pillowcases and donate them to your favorite charity. For more information about this Challenge, and to register your participation, go to the following web site: Alternatively, bring your pillowcases to the Shop; we will take care of distributing them and registering your participation.
• ZIACASES: The Community Fund of Southern NM and the Las Cruces Red Cross have joined to make Ziacases, pillowcases for NM National Guard members serving overseas. Trudi Pickett is the coordinator. When you bring your pillowcases to the Shop, we will take care of forwarding them to Trudi.
• BANANA COOLERS: With a Banana Cooler gently resting around your neck, life in the hot sun is a lot more endurable. We have made Banana Coolers both for our Armed Forces personnel serving overseas, and for the Albuquerque Rescue Mission. Here is a link to our pattern: Banana Cooler Pattern
• PILLOWCASES FOR THE SALVATION ARMY "TOY & JOY STORE": We devoted our December 2010 First Friday Sew-In to making pillowcases for the Toy and Joy Store, and received many more pillowcases from customers who were unable to come to the Sew-In but wanted to participate. As of this date (14 Dec), we have donated 130 pillowcases to the Salvation Army! We expect to continue this very much appreciated project. If you have made pillowcases - especially with young children in mind - we will make sure that they are taken down as soon as we receive them. 

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