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    The Saturday Sampler Program at the Quilt Works runs for a period of about one year, and participants usually make one block each month. We meet on the second Saturday of each month at 8:30 am or 9:00 am, display the block completed in the previous month, and receive the kit and instructions for the next month's block. You pay a one-time fee at the beginning of the program. Provided the first month's block is completed and displayed at the second month's meeting, the kit for the second month's block is provided at no additional cost. This procedure remains true throughout the program. If, however, you miss a month, you must pay a  "reentry" fee to be reinstated. At the end of the program, we provide information for finishing the quilt. Fabric for the back of the quilt and the batting are not included in the entry fee, and must be purchased separately.
    Below, are pictures of quilts from several of our Saturday Sampler programs. We choose the projects so that each month offers a different challenge.

Peace Cottage

SATURDAY SAMPLER 2015. Peace Cottage. 63" 77"
Designed by Lynn Lister for the Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr and May/Jun 2014 issues of McCalls Quilting
Pieced by Danyella Nava and Quilted by Lynne Horpedahl

Note: Peace Cottage will start on 17 October and run for 10 months; with the exception of the first month, all meetings are scheduled for the second Saturday of each month.

   We chose Kaffe Fassett fabrics for our quilt. Since this quilt does not have a conventional "block + block + ..." design, we have divided it into "sections."
   The one-time, non-refundable deposit for this program is $75. Provided you complete and display your section each month at the Saturday morning meeting, you will receive the patterns and fabrics for everything inside the Piano Key Border at no additional cost; the fabric for the binding is also included in the initial deposit. Fabrics for the Piano Key Border will be provided at the end of the program for a small finishing fee. If you miss a Saturday, the "reentry" fee is $16.95. 

El Camino Real

SATURDAY SAMPLER 2014. El Camino Real. 94" 114"
Designed by Nancy Rink, Featuring Marcus Fabric's El Camino Real collection

   The blocks in Nancy Rink's El Camino Real were inspired by the 21 Alta California missions, established by Spanish Catholics of the Franciscan Order between 1769 and 1823, and by the Royal Road (El Camino Real) that connected them. Also known as the California Mission Trail, El Camino Real stretches 600 miles from Mission San Diego de Alcala to Mission San Francisco Solano. Each of the blocks in Nancy's design is identified with a particular mission, and the pattern has a brief synopsis of the history of that mission. In recent times, a major effort has recovered some of the history, and today these missions - many restored or rebuilt - are among the oldest and most frequently visited historical sites in California. For an excellent description of the California Missions, go to the following website: The wonderful colors in El Camino Real remind one of Spanish Tiles.

Debbie's Garden

SATURDAY SAMPLER 2013. Debbie's Garden. 78" x 90"

Debbie Caffrey, arguably the "mystery quilt queen," designed our 2013 Saturday Sampler. At the left is a snapshot of the quilt top, ready for the long-arm quilter. The fabrics in this quilt were chosen principally form the Silvia's Garden collection designed by Silvia Vassileva for P&B Fabrics. In this photo, the 11 sections are assembled as originally envisioned by Debbie, and we chose two fabrics for the borders from the same P&B collection; the inner border is 2" and the outer border is 4". Many of us sharpened our skills as we pieced this quilt, and allowed our creative inclinations to influence our choices of border designs and fabrics; some of us even put the sections together in different configurations. "Debbie. Thanks and thanks, again."

        With A Twist

SATURDAY SAMPLER 2012. Amish With A Twist. 86" 103"

Amish With A Twist was designed by Nancy Rink, Nancy Rink Designs, and features Marcus Fabrics solids.

Tonga Rhapsody

SATURDAY SAMPLER 2011. Tonga Rhapsody. 96" 106"

Tonga Rhapsody was designed by Toni Steere and Jenny Foltz, Wing and a Prayer Design, and features Timeless Treasures Tonga batiks. The picture shown here was copied (with permission) from the Wing and a Prayer web site: Scroll down just a little bit on that page to see the picture on their web site.

2010 Saturday Sampler

SATURDAY SAMPLER 2010, Americana Modern. 66" x 78"

American Modern was designed by Diane Nagle for Benartex, and features the Tried & True collection of fabrics created by Nancy Halvorsen.

2009 Saturday Sampler

SATURDAY SAMPLER 2009. 63" x 84"

Our quilt is based on the "Sampler Two" pattern in Eleanor Burns' book, Egg Money Quilts. The fabrics were selected from the Tanya Whelan - Darla collection by Free Spirit.

2009 Saturday Sampler

SATURDAY SAMPLER 2008. 76" x 91"