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    * Beginner, no experience needed.
    ** Rotary skills and machine piecing experience are required.
    *** Advanced skills needed.

Toothbrush Rug AUNT PHILLY'S TOOTHBRUSH RUG * {40" × 21½"} Laura Echeverria
The fabric "sensation that's sweeping the Nation!" -- or at least the QW staff. Fast, fun and addictive, toothbrush rugs have become a favorite project. Once you master a simple stitch, you're on you way to creating great rugs and shrinking your stash. A starter kit is included to help you get started in the correct way.
3 hrs: $31.50 (Includes starter kit)
    Tuesday, June 23, 1:00-4:00

Toothbrush Rug CARPENTER'S STAR ** {70" × 70"} Carol Bell
The Carpenter's Star is a favorite block of many. If you can cut and sew accurately, you can make this fabulous quilt. The technique uses half-square triangles to make a large, easy version of the quilt. Once you learn the technique, you can use it to make runners, place mats, etc.
5 hrs: $35.00
    Wednesdays, June 3, 5:30-8:30, and June 10, 5:30-7:30

Chubby Charmer Bag CHUBBY CHARMER BAG ** {18" × 9" × 13"} Phyllis Henry
One of my friends uses it for a gym bag, another for an overnight bag. The Chubby Charmer has two layers of fusible batting and feet on the bottom. I'm sure you can find your own special use for this bag.
4 hrs: $28
    Thursdays: May 7 and 14, 9:30-11:30

Denim Circle Bag DENIM CIRCLE RAG BAG ** {17" × 4" × 9"} Judy Botsford
A perfect project for old jeans and your leftover charm squares.
3½ hrs: $24.50
    Friday, June 26, 1:00-4:30

Green Fan Sweatshirt Jacket, front Green Fan Sweatshirt Jacket, back White Fan Sweatshirt Jacket, back FAN SWEATSHIRT JACKET ** Judy Botsford
A sweatshirt is a base for making this attractive jacket with a fan design. The flip and sew method is easy and fun.
6 hrs: $42
    Fridays, May 29 and June 5, 9:30-12:30

Forever in Blue Jeans FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS ** {57" × 65"} Lois Warwick
"Up-cycle" your old blue (grey, black, etc.) jeans to make this warm throw. Use your favorite 5" squares for insets.
3 hrs: $21.00
    Saturday, May 9           2:00-5:00
    Thursday, June 25     9:30-12:30

Hooked on Feathers I Hooked on Feathers I HOOKED ON FEATHERS I ** {11" × 10" and 11" × 12"} Becky Welch
Becky has tried many free motion feather techniques and this one is the best. This class focuses on feathers for borders and sashing. Learn the tricks to make this beautiful quilting happen.
3 hrs: $21
    Saturday, June 6, 9:00-12:00

Autumn House LET'S APPLIQUÉ -- AUTUMN HOUSE ** {12" × 14"} Kathi Dineen
Salt box houses, pumpkins, and crows with a bit of whimsy. We started Autumn House in January, but newcomers are welcome and can fit right in.
8 hrs: $56
    Saturdays: May 9, 1:00-3:00, June 13, July 11, and August 8, 9:30-11:30 {Note change in time for 9 May class.}

Pagoda Jacket PAGODA JACKET ** Judy Botsford
The classic Kimono inspired jacket has something for everyone. This is a casual fitting jacket sure to become a favorite. The single fabric version is super fast. A lining adds a finishing touch.
4 hrs: $28
    Friday, May 15, 10:00-3:00

Picture Quilt PICTURE QUILT ** {31" × 39"} Becky Welch
Preserve your favorite photos in a memory quilt. Avoid costly mistakes! Becky will take you through the different processes of transferring your photos onto fabric. Makes a great gift!
4 hrs: $34.00 (includes handout)
    Mondays, June 8 & 15, 6:00-8:00

Quilt as you go poster QUILT-AS-YOU-GO ** Fay Manganelli
Learn several techniques for making any quilt in sections in order to make your quilting easier. Fay will also show you how to assemble these smaller units into a full-size quilt. When you finish your quilting and assembly, all you need to do is bind the quilt.
3 hrs: $21
    Saturday, May 16, 1:00-4:00

Selvage Star Pillow SELVAGE STAR PILLOW ** {18" × 18"} Cindy Kurey
Pull out those selvages you’ve been saving and make a beautiful pillow! You will use a 30° specialty ruler to make this stunning star design. Choose background fabric to fit your décor.
3 hrs: $21
    Friday, June 19, 1:00-4:00

Snow Day Snow Day SNOW DAY ** {42" × 65"} Laura Echeverria
Two classic blocks combine to make a fun pillow (or a simple lap quilt). In class you’ll learn speed cutting techniques along with strip piecing, chain piecing, connector corners, and how to make a flange binding. The "lap quilt" version is show on the left. For the 20" × 20" "pillow" version shown in the right-hand picture, we have started to pack the quilt into its pillow "case" (which is an integral part of the back of the quilt).
3 hrs: $21
    Tuesday, June 16, 1:00-4:00

Binding 222 SPECIALTY MACHINE BINDINGS ** {23" × 19"} Dana Brabson
Perhaps a better name for this class is "Binding 222". Before this class is over, you will have completed a back-to-the-front, false-mitered machine binding on a work piece, sewn both a wide binding and a binding with a flange, and sewn a binding into a V-notch (such as that on the edge of a double wedding ring quilt).
4 hrs: $35.50 (includes kit)
    Friday, June 12, 12:30-4:30

T-Shirt T-SHIRT QUILT ** {40" × 26"} Dana Brabson
Make all of those special event T-shirts into a one-of-a-kind quilt. T-shirt quilts make great graduation and birthday gifts. Using T-shirts as the principal design elements, we make pillows, wall hangings, lap quilts, bed quilts of all sizes, and almost anything else you can imagine.
2½ hrs: $17.50
    Wednesday, June 24, 1:00-3:30