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    * Beginner, no experience needed.
    ** Rotary skills and machine piecing experience are required.

    *** Advanced skills needed.

A-Mazing Quilt A-MAZING CRIB QUILT ** {41" × 55"} Dana Brabson
Start your match-box car or your little stuffed animal at the entrance on the left-hand edge, and run along the red brick road, visiting eight places (with doggies, in our case) as you work your way through the maze.
4 hrs: $28.00
    Mondays, June 16 and 23           6:00-8:00
    Tuesdays, August 19 and 26     6:00-8:00

Backyard Birds BACKYARD BIRDS ** {14" × 14"} Kathi Dineen
All of your favorite feathered friends from the backyard are in this quilt. It's easy enough for stitchers of all levels. These blocks are full of fun and color. Blocks can be used for pillows, totes, quilts, etc.
8 hrs: $56.00
    Saturdays, May 10, June 14, July 12, August 9.  10:00-12:00

Beginning Paper Piecing BEGINNING PAPER PIECING ** {23" × 24"} Carol Bell
Why paper piecing? Well, its is easy, fun, and helps you create complex blocks with ease. Especially if you've never paper pieced before, you'll be amazed at how quickly and easy it is to learn the in's and out's of this technique. What could be easier than stitching along pre-printed straight lines with your machine? When you have finished this little quilt, you will feel confident with any paper pieced pattern.
3 hrs: $22.50 (includes foundation papers)
    Sunday, June 1, 1:00-4:00 {Note: This class has been delayed 2 weeks from its originally scheduled date.}

Bow Tucks Tote BOW TUCKS TOTE ** {12" × 5" × 10"} Judy Botsford
Make this classy tote with lots of pockets. Ties hold the bag together and decorative buttons hold the sides together.
4 hrs: $28.00
    Wednesday, August 13, 10:00-3:00

Back of TR Front of TR CHEVRON TABLE RUNNER ** {48" × 16"} Cindy Kurey
This table runner is fun, a great stash buster, and reversible. The front is shown at the left, and the reverse is pictured at the right. Five inch squares are used for the front.
3 hrs: $21.00
    Sunday, June 29             1:00-4:00
    Thursday, August 28     1:00-4:00

Civil Unrest CIVIL UNREST WALL HANGING ** {34" × 34"} Toni Getz
Learn to make double nine patch, flying geese, and square-in-a-square blocks for this small civil war quilt. You'll also gain experience combining many fabrics.
4 hrs: $28.00
    Fridays, July 18 and 25               1:00-3:00
    Mondays, August 18 and 25      1:00-3:00

Gimme Five CORRUGATED QUILT ** {59" × 79"} Phyllis Henry
You'll love this quilt that looks like sunlight is shining on one side of beautifully cut columns. It's a great learning experience to pick the pairs of fabrics for this quilt.
5 hrs: $35.00
    Friday, May 30             10:00-4:00
    Friday, August 22       10:00-4:00

Disappearing 9-Patch Disappearing 9-Patch DISAPPEARING NINE PATCH ** {49" × 73" and 52" × 65"} Shirley Brabson
This is an easy quilt with striking results. In the adaptation shown at the right, we used the Disappearing 9-Patch blocks to frame a patriotic panel. The Disappearing 9-Patch block is nearly ideal for framing most of the panels available on the market. You may wish to bring your favorite panel to class; we shall help you design your own, special quilt.
4 hrs: $28.00
    Tuesdays, July 8 and 15            1:00-3:00
    Mondays, August 11 and 18     6:00-8:00

Double Bargello Double Bargello DOUBLE BARGELLO ** {64" × 52" and 67" × 84"} Amanda Ruden
Create a dynamic quilt top using the double bargello pattern. In the first class, we shall sort the fabrics and prepare the tubes. In the second class, we shall slice the tubes and create the double bargellos. We shall also discuss border choices. Exclusive of the borders, the quilt shown at the left was made from one Tonga Treats™ pack (40 strips, 2 of each color). The bargello in the right-hand picture required two identical jelly roles (40 strips in each).
5 hrs: $40.00 (Includes pattern)
    Sundays         June 22, 1:00-3:00, and June 29, 1:00-4:00
    Saturdays      August 2, 1:00-3:00, and August 9, 1:00-4:00

Forever in Blue Jeans FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS ** {57" × 65"} Lois Warwick
"Up-cycle" your old blue (grey, black, etc.) jeans to make this warm throw. Use your favorite 5" squares for insets.
3 hrs: $21.00
    Saturday, June 7          9:00-12:00
    Saturday, August 2     9:00-12:00

Fragments Jacket FRAGMENTS JACKET ** {adult} Judy Botsford
This is a great jacket to use fabric from your stash (or a single fabric). A nice, free-flowing design in a longer length makes for an attractive jacket.
6 hrs: $42.00
    Wednesdays, June 4 and 11     5:30-8:30
    Fridays, August 1 and 8             1:00-4:00

Glimmer GLIMMER ** {63" × 82"} Laura Echeverria
Clever piecing techniques make this dramatic quilt fast and fun to put together. Changing colors and values can dramatically change the quilt.
3 hrs: $21.00
    Saturday, June 21          1:00-4:00
    Saturday, August 23     1:00-4:00

Intermediate Paper Piecing INTERMEDIATE PAPER PIECING ** {22" × 22"} Carol Bell
Many of you have been asking for a paper piecing class that focuses on "perfect points," and this dynamic quilt is one on which to learn the technique. The angles look complicated, but using paper foundation is the key to success! Paper piecing produces a fantastic piece where all the angles are PERFECT.
5 hrs: $35.00
    Wednesdays, June 18 and 25,  5:30-8:00

Modern Tote MODERN TOTE ** {10" × 3" × 15"} Phyllis Henry
This is an easy, stylish tote. A unique design with simple piecing and quilting.
3 hrs: $21.00
    Thursday June 12     9:00-12:00
    Friday, July 25            9:00-12:00

Necktie Quilt NECKTIE QUILT ** {36" × 58"} Kathy Congable
Stabilized colorful ties from bygone years make excellent strips for quilts. So, when you can't bring yourself to throw away those boxes of old neckties you've been saving, then let Kathy show you how to make them into a spectacular quilt or wall hanging.
3 hrs: $21.00
    Friday, August 29, 5:30-8:30

Octavia Vest Octavia Vest OCTAVIA VEST ** {adult} Judy Botsford
This vest is a flattering, longer length and has roomy pockets. Choose your favorite color and contrast fabric.
3 hrs: $21.00
    Friday, June 27            1:00-4:00
    Tuesday, August 5     1:00-4:00

Squedge 22.5° Table Runner SQUEDGE 22.5° TABLE RUNNER** {46" × 15"} Barbara Gary
The 22.5° Squedge ruler by Phillips Fiber Art makes it easy to cut sections for blocks to form a stunning table runner. A simple appliquéd center completes the blocks.
4 hrs: $28.00
    Friday, May 30           10:00-3:00
    Friday, August 22     10:00-3:00

Third Street Neighborhood THIRD STREET NEIGHBORHOOD ** {47" × 39"} Elizabeth Dawson
Piece together your own neighborhood of these darling houses. You can make a table runner, wall hanging, or lap quilt. The black, white, and red fabrics really make a statement, but this quilt would also work in many other color palettes.
3 hrs: $21.00
    Saturday, June 21       1:00-4:00
    Sunday, August 17     1:00-4:00

Toothbrush Rug AUNT PHILLY'S TOOTHBRUSH RUG * {40" × 21½"} Laura Echeverria
Take a look at the awesome rug that Aunt Philly made for us in preparation for her special class  last May. There are just over 10 yards of fabric in this rug. We chose a single fabric, but you can use fabrics from you stash to add design interest. You may even be thinking "stash buster." And more good news: There is NO sewing; take a break! Nearly everyone in the shop started a rug in Aunt Philly's class in May, and Laura has already finished 3! It is definitely "catching."
3 hrs: $31.00 (Includes $10.00 kit fee)
    Monday, August 11      1:00-4:00 {Added after publication of the calendar}
    Sunday, August 17      9:30-12:30 {Added after publication of the calendar}