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2019 Quilt Works Employee’s Show 1 – 14 April 2019


47” × 47”

Pieced and Quilted by:
Kathy Congable
Pattern: Bittersweet Briar, in Simple Graces, Charming Quilts & Companion Projects, Kim Diehl, That Patchwork Place, Martingale, 2010
Technique: Machine pieced and appliqued with cotton and wool; long arm quilted

“For me, it’s a “big deal” to finish Kim Diehl quilt. With the purchase of everyone of her books, there is at lease one quilt, if not more, I’ve wanted to make. I’m drawn to Kim’s traditionally-inspired patchwork, and her distinctive pieced and appliqued designs, as well as her charmingly-warm choice of color combinations.” 


58″ × 66″

Pieced by:
Grace Sanders
Quilted by: Lynne Horpedahl, Late Night Quilts
Pattern: 100 patches in each block
Technique: Machine pieced and quilted

“Started at a retreat and finished at home using a fat quarter bundle.”


100” × 103”

Pieced and quilted by:
Danyella Nava
Pattern: Original
Technique: Machine pieced, and long arm quilted

“Cotton and Steel, C & S, fabric has been an obsession of mine since it was first introduced. Everyone loves the unique selvages that come with this brand. I have hoa
rded them. But now that C & S has changed designers, it is time to let go. Here is my first selvage quilt, and can you believe, I barely made a dent in my C & S stash!”


54” × 67”

Pieced and quilted by:
Cindy Kurey
Pattern: Midnight Blue, Villa Rosa
Technique: Machine pieced, and machine quilted using “quilt as you go” techniques

“When I was a little girl, my Mom would buy a Whitman Sampler Chocolate Box for special occasions. It was always a thrill to open the box and look at all the different kinds and shapes of chocolates the box would contain. My favorite chocolate was the little man with the chocolate box under his arm! Finding the long-forgotten blocks for this quilt while cleaning out a drawer and deciding to finally attempt Free Motion Quilting has equally been a thrill for me, much like chocolates in the Whitman Sampler Box. To make my Free Motion dreams come true, I decided to try a technique called “Quilt as You Go” or QAYG, by quilting the blocks in sections of four and sections of two at a time, with just the blocks and batting. This was a wonderful way to make a big quilt “smaller” and easier to manage. After I quilted the blocks, I sewed the sections together to complete the quilt top and then pin basted the backing to the quilt top in preparation for the final “stitch in the ditch” quilting to secure the layers together. I owe a big thank you to my co-workers who encouraged my progress! I hope you will enjoy looking at my Whitman Sampler. Much like the chocolates, maybe you will find a favorite machine quilted block and perhaps be inspired to give QAYG a try too!”


78″ × 88″

Pieced and quilted by:
Martha Miller
Pattern: Free Form
Quilted By: Leona van Leeuwen
Technique: Machine piecing, heirloom quilting, and hand bound.

“Several years ago, my work took me to Columbus, Ohio, for a couple of months. While there, I found a wonderful quilt shop that had just received these pinks. They looked so pretty together that I decided to make a simple quilt that would show off the pinkness. ☺.”


38″ × 38″

Pieced by:
Joan Johnson
Quilted by: Danyella Nava
Pattern: Dance of the Dragonflies, JoAnn Hoffman, JoAnn Hoffman Designs, Hill City, SD
Techniques: Appliqué

“This quilt brings back memories of wonderful summers at Minnesota lakes, fishing with my family.”

Mega Stars

71″ × 82″

Designed, appliquéd, and quilted by:
Becky Welch
Pattern: Inspired by Kathy Doughty’s book, Adding Layers, Stash Books, C&T Publishing, 2014
Technique: Machine piecing and quilting

“This was fun to use my huge prints on. Some of the fabrics were purchased in the 90’s. I’m glad I held onto them.”


23″ × 24″

Pieced and Quilted by:
Carol Rising
Pattern: Original
Technique: Trapunto applique and free motion quilting.

“This started as a class exercise in Free Range Quilters, to design a small piece based on inspiration from an inspiration card. My card was circles and spirals. So there are circular (sort of) mushrooms, arranged in a spiral formation. The Trapunto on the mushrooms is my imagined “topography” of the caps. And, where would they be found? On the forest floor, of course!”


59” × 72”

Pieced by:
Laura Echeverria
Quilted by: Kathy Congable
Pattern: Woven Jewelbox, Cut Loose Press
Technique: Machine pieced with 60-degree diamonds cut with the Creative Grids 60 Degree Ruler.

“The employee quilt show” – words to strike fear into the hearts of the Quilt Works staff! I try to use the annual quilt show to challenge myself to make something that is outside of my comfort zone. I am, as Danyella points out, a pretty traditional quilter. This modern quilt has lots of elements that I struggle with as an artist – it is asymmetrical, subtle, maybe elegant. The piecing appears simple – modern quilts always look simple until you look closely! – but there are bias edges everywhere. I fell in love with the fabric I bought for the back. It’s a really good thing I love it, because I didn’t buy enough, couldn’t make what I bought work, and ended up buying another complete back so the directional pattern would go the right way! (Olivia LAUGHED!) I’m still not sure I got the quilt square before I put the binding on!

“I named the quilt after reading a blog by a woman working to cope with OCD – “Taming Olivia.” Olivia has kept me company throughout the process of making this quilt. I think she visited KC when she quilted it!”


66″ × 76″

Pieced and Quilted by:
Toni Getz
Pattern: Macho Canyon, in Southwest Modern, From Marfa to New Mexico, Kristi Schroeder, Search Press, Ltd, 2017

“Half Rectangle Triangles (HRT) are used to make this quilt; they are surprisingly hard and labor-intensive to make. Halfway through the piecing, I remembered I have a Creative Grids Perfect Rectangle Ruler, which made the process much easier! The quilts in this beautiful book take their inspiration from the nature of my home, the Southwest.”


78″ × 90″

Pieced Martha Miller
Quilted by: Kathy Congable
Pattern: Based on a pattern in Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again, Freewheeling Twists on Traditional Quilt Designs, Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston, Lark Books, 2009
Technique: Paper piecing. Long arm quilted and hand bound.

“My two favorite quilt makers (F. Moran & G. Marston) made a smaller Liberated Wedding Ring wall hanging. I enlarged it to a useable throw.”


84″ × 96″

Pieced by
: Kathi Dineen
Quilted by:Lynne Horpedahl, Late Night Quilts
Pattern: American Patchwork & Quilting, 2004 2009
Technique: Machine piecing and quilting

“I’ve always been attracted to quilts with warm cheddar colors. The making of this two-color cheddar quilt has been on my radar for a really long time. I chose a fabric with a bit more yellow than the traditional cheddar color, and love the pattern.”


58” × 75”

Pieced and quilted by:
Kathy Congable
Quilted by: Lynne Horpedahl, Late Night Quilts
Pattern: Block of the Month, The Quilt Works, Albuquerque, NM, 1997
Technique: Machine pieced, appliqued, and quilted

“Pieced in 1998 and quilted in 2018. The points are not so pointing; the circles, not so round; the sashing, not so straight; and the appliqué, not so perfect, but it’s done! In quilt time, 20 years is a snap of the fingers. Sometimes life interferes with quilting and you put the project up to finish later (UFO). One day, you pull it out and say, “I’m finishing this” and you do! I admit, of all of the quilts I’ve made and have finished, this is the quilt I’m most proud of. I strive toward perfection, but happily accept what I do.”


70″ × 88″

Pieced and quilted by:
Debbie Williams
Pattern: Basket Weave Quilt, in “New Ways with Jelly Rolls by Pam & Nicky Lintott, David & Charles, Publishers, 2014
Technique: Partial Seams. Application of a 90-degree Triangle Grid

“The Basket Weave design drew me to envision ocean waves on the beachy background. The blues and turquoise of the jelly roll grabbed my attention. After beginning, my own favorite color boundaries were pushed, but I continued with the combinations and learned to enjoy the pop of acid colors. I learned to push my own limits with color and quilting. Have fun and stretch yourself!”


64″ × 64″

Pieced and quilted by
: Michele Lommasson
Pattern: In Vintage Christmas, Lori Holt, It’s Sew Emma Publishing
Technique: Machine piecing and free motion machine quilting

“This quilt is all about improving my skills as a machine piecer and a machine quilter. I chose a pattern with a simple star repeated in two sizes, and used a minimal color palette with few fabrics. I truly enjoyed the piecing, quilting, and the final blessing of binding the quilt. I happily did the quilting on my new Bernina Q20.”


83″ × 97″

Pieced by:
Eve Hanssen-Wood
Quilted by: Kathryn Fuller, Catamount Quilting and Design Magic
Pattern: Trifecta, Fons & Porter Magazine, September/October, 2014
Technique: Strip Piecing

“I have been inventorying my sewing room Marie Kondo style. If a project did not immediately spark joy for me, I decided to pass it on to someone else. I came across a small box of strips that I had started cutting for this project, and the colors just made me smile. I decided that this would be the one.
“Dealing with triangles can be tricky, what with all the bias edges. Several of the girls in the shop (and lots of our customers) swear by Mary Ellen’s Best Press. I decided to give it a try in hopes of keeping the fabric as stable as possible. It worked. When it came time to trim the sides, that was a scary prospect for two reasons: bias edges and possibly unstitching at the points of the triangles. Grace suggested ironing on Marti Mitchell’s fusible tape to the edges of the quilt before I trimmed it. It was a great idea. This quilt just reminds me of sunshine and happiness. Love it!”


39” × 48”

Pieced by
: Laura Echeverria
Quilted by: Kathy Congable
Pattern: Sophie Crib Quilt, Bonnie Blue Designs. Apparently no longer available.
Technique: Machine pieced, appliqued, and quilted. Embellished with Yoyos.

“Once upon a time, long ago but not very far away, I went on a preschool field trip with my son. I met another mother and we became friends. She taught me to rotary cut and helped me with my first project. Fast forward 25 years and her sons are now having babies. Making a baby quilt for the grandchild of the very dear friend who taught me to quilt is an excuse to try to make something REALLY special. Posies for Parker is a sweet, feminine quilt. Appliqué is a challenge for me – a true labor of love. These are my first yoyos – I think there are 18 on the quilt, but I know I sewed on at least 36 because many had to be repositioned before everyone was happy with them. Parker is expecting a cousin in May – I have to get busy on that quilt!

“Thanks to Grace for finding the pattern for me. Thanks to KD for helping me with the yoyos. And many, many thanks to KC for the wonderful quilting – quilting really does “make the quilt.”


40” × 48”

Pieced by:
Dana Brabson
Quilted by: Lynn Horpedahl, Late Night Quilts
Pattern: Original, inspired by one of my students.
Technique: Machine pieced and quilted

“In my first Santa Ana Winds (SAW) quilt, there is a secondary design consisting of overlapping 9-block (3 × 3) units, each of which has a pieced star block in the center of the array of 8 SAW blocks. Each 9-block unit shares 2 SAW blocks with an adjacent 9-block unit. When one of my students was designing with Electric Quilt, she created an entirely different secondary design in which the basic unit is a 4 × 4 array of blocks (hence the name, Sweet Sixteen) and the center is a 4-SAW block anemometer (wind measuring instrument). Each of the 16-block units shares 6 blocks with the adjacent 16-block unit. Sweet Sixteen illustrates this design; to more easily see this secondary design, imagine that the two SAW blocks in the upper right and the two SAW blocks in the lower left corners are removed.” 


40” × 48”

Pieced by
: Judy Botsford
Quilted by: Danyella Nava
Pattern: Espania, in Kaffe Fassett’s Quilt Grandeur, Taunton Press, 2013
Technique: Machine pieced and quilted

“I have always wanted to make a Kaffe quilt, and really liked this one. I chose a wild backing, but loved the way it turned out.” 



Pieced by
: Judy Botsford
Pattern: Sally Wincze Designs
Technique: I made rectangles of fabric, and then cut out the pattern

“A customer gave me the pattern. I decided to make the pattern with Bali fabrics instead of wool. I used flannel as backing, quilted the rectangles, then cut the pattern. The lining was made from polyester, cut the same as the jacket, sewn right sides together, turned, and top stitched.” 


38″ × 50″

Pieced by
: Martha Miller
Quilted by: Danyella Nava
Pattern: Free Form
Technique: Machine piecing, long arm quilting, and hand bound.

“A cousin to D.Q. #3 … Hopefully, the bright colors and light-hearted theme fabrics will give some comfort to little ones, long enough to distract from their stressful situation.” 


38″ × 50″

Pieced by
: Martha Miller
Quilted by: Danyella Nava
Pattern: Free Form
Technique: Machine piecing, long arm quilting, and hand bound.

“I’m not referring to the workmanship (ha-ha). Several of these are destined to children who ae victims of disasters (environmental and familial).” 


65″ × 83″

Pieced and Quilted by:
Phyllis Henry
Pattern: Machine pieced and quilted

“This has been the most rewarding I’ve ever made. It makes me smile when I look at it. I have to give Grace Sanders credit and many thanks for helping me with the design and placement of the bright colors. I bought the pieces of color at Stitch in Durango. That dash of color made the quilt so unusual. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.” 


40″ × 15½”

Pieced and Quilted by:
Carol Rising
Pattern: Original, using machine embroidered appliqué circles designed and published by Sara Vedeler on the CD entitled Simply Circles: Jewels in Chocolate, 2009.

“This has been the most rewarding I’ve ever made. It makes me smile when I look at it. I have to give Grace Sanders credit and many thanks for helping me with the design and placement of the bright colors. I bought the pieces of color at Stitch in Durango. That dash of color made the quilt so unusual. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.” 

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