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About The Quilt Works, Inc.

(as viewed from the sidewalk, and shown on the left, above) The sock monkeys like our windows so much that they decided to hang around when we changed the displays last Friday. (We have scheduled another Sock Monkey Palooza for Saturday, 3 June.) Miss Bubble Gumm (made by Michele with hair dyed with Kool-Aid®) is looking down on Hansel & Gretel; they are sitting on a small 5 × 5 patchwork quilt along with a darling bunny, a bear and a tiny pillow, partially visible behind the three bolts of fabric in the lower right of our picture. The entire ensemble was made from Just Another Walk in the Woods, a panel designed by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda; the instructions are printed right on the panel. The tumbler quilt on the partition, serving as a backdrop for Hansel & Gretel, features forty-two (42) 6” tumblers; the tumblers are available in precut packs that include brief instructions for making this quilt... The Modern Tyke display, designed by Kim & Molly Diehl for Henry Glass, is at the far end of the window and is also available as a panel with instructions printed on the fabric. The principal feature in this panel is a taggy playtime floor blanket; Bitty Bunny, in the same panel, is looking down on the scene from the upper left-hand corner. Between Modern Tyke and the tumbler quilt is Sweet Love, created with the Villa Rosa pattern with that name, and using a marvelous collection of red & white fabrics; kits with these fabrics have been prepared for you.


(as viewed from the sidewalk, and shown on the right, above) I-Candy, a Stephanie Sheffield design for Blue Underground Studios, greets you on your right as you enter the shop. The squares and rectangles in the eye-catching blocks were all cut from 2½” strips by Lois, and she has two classes on the upcoming schedule – last day of May and early in July. We have some Jelly Rolls with collections beautifully suited for making this quilt. To the right of I-Candy is our most recent edition of Apple Core, using Pepper Cory’s acrylic plastic Apple Core template; this template is ideally suited for cutting patches from 8” × 10” rectangles, as well as from Layer Cakes. At the far end of this window is Social Network; it was created with the Villa Rosa pattern of that name and features Michael Miller fabrics in the Seedling collection designed by Thomas Paul.

KITS As you can see in the pictures, we have kits for most of the quilts on display here.


Be sure to shop on your birthday: You will receive a 25% discount on all full-price merchandise purchased on that day. {If the Shop is closed on your birthday, come in the next day. We do not stamp your VIQ card when you take advantage of this Birthday discount.}


As an additional incentive to take classes at The Quilt Works, we offer Student Discount Coupons. This Coupon entitles you to a one-time 20% discount on full-price merchandise and is valid for one month from the date of issue. You will receive this Coupon at the first class meeting. {Basic Rotary Skills, Block of the Month, and visiting instructor classes are excluded. VIQ cards will not be stamped.}


Don’t forget that Tuesdays are special “senior” days. Your senior discount (for those 60 and older) is 10%. {VIQ cards are not stamped when you take advantage of the Senior Days Discount.}


The fee for these classes is $13 per hour.

VIQ (Very Important Quilter) CARDS

Every time you purchase full-price merchandise valued at more than $5.00, we stamp your VIQ card with the before-tax value of your purchase. Your completed VIQ Card ($250) is doubly valuable. A completed Card can be redeemed for $25 toward the purchase of full-price merchandise. Then, redeemed cards are held for 6 months; twice a year (on 1 January and on 1 July) we draw one card, and present the winner with a gift certificate valued at $75.00. {We do not stamp the VIQ cards for classes, half-priced merchandise, or sale purchases.}

Early in February 2009, Geri redeemed 7 (count them, 7) VIQ cards to pay for most of her purchase. We thought that this was so news-worthy that we asked if we might post her picture. Here it is.

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